Takohl Amulet Collection

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Takohl Love Amulet

ALL WE NEED IS LOVE. Designer Tammy Kohl would like to introduce The Takohl Love Amulet. Each amulet uniquely contains selenite infused water. The waters resonance amplifies your own bodies energy to create more love and the connection to others.

"I would like to bring back the vibration of love to help soothe our souls and empower our intentions" said Kohl.

The amulets encapsulate water super charged with the essence of love. This brings forth a higher energetic profile for you and those around you. The back of the necklace features a bold engraving

"I AM LOVE" declaring its own transcendence into the water. This serves as a reminder to be kind to yourself and spread love to others. We welcome our clients to customize the engraving to compliment your own declaration or sentiments. The pendant comes in base metal, sterling silver or 14K gold on a 24" ball chain, a perfect length for the amulet to sit over your heart.

Recharging Your Amulet
In stressful times, it is important to recharge your amulet in the case you had a trying day. There are many ways to recharge your water amulet:

  • Apply the rose quartz heart or amethyst gem to the top of the amulet and let it sit overnight while you sleep.
  • You can utilize a tuning fork, play gongs or use singing bowls to expose your amulet to and let it absorb the higher frequency.
  • Play the sound frequency music to the amulet. Here is a recommended example and you can also find your favorite on Youtube or Bandcamp.

Recharge your Amulet here!

Learn more about the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.


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